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Dog Toys, Tugs, Balls, & Chews

Sprong Hex Ball Dog Toy - Small
We had to have the Sprong Hex Ball once we squeezed it! This unique dog toy is velvety on the outside and a bit squishy too. The Hex Ball bounces and floats and has little knobs on the outside to play ...
Mary's Price: $10.99
Sprong Hex Ball Dog Toy - Small
If you live in San Diego County and are looking for dog toys for sale, Mary's Tack & Feed has an huge selection of toys for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes. Whether you shop online at marystack.com or come in to our Del Mar location, browse the durable toys for larger dogs, tennis ball toys, scaled down toys for small dogs, rubber dog balls, Kong toys, unique Tuffy's stuffed animal toys, and toys designed specially for games of tug and fetch.
At Mary's, we love to spoil our dogs just as we love to spoil our horses. Dogs and horses go hand in hand - or paw in hoof - in our lives. Dog toys are a great way to entertain pooches and to let them burn off some of that puppy energy that even older dogs often display. So whether you are searching for outside play toys for dogs or softer toys for indoor play, Mary's has you covered.
Don't miss the unique dog toys from Tuffy's that are made with multiple layers of super durable fabric and up to 7 rows of stitching over webbing, making them one of the toughest toys on the market for chewers. Rated on the "Tuff" scale from 5 (for smaller, gentler or senior dogs) to 10 (for destructive and determined chewers), the Tuffy's and Mighty Dog toys come in a delightful array of animals, including peacocks, armadillos, elephants, dinosaurs and barnyard animals. Your dog is sure to find one that will be his best friend. And best of all, these sturdy toys are machine washable.
So whether you are looking for a tennis ball for your Chuck It stick, a sturdy Kong toy that bounces, a rope toy for your dog to gnaw on, or a stuffed animal toy that your dog can proudly carry, we invite you to shop at Mary's where we are sure you will find the perfect toy for your four legged best friend.

Mighty Triceratops Dog Toy
Mighty Stegosaurus Dog Toy
Mighty Cat Dog Toy
Mighty Dog Dog Toy
Mighty Leprechaun Dog Toy
Mighty Pegasus Dog Toy
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Swirl Bear Dog Toy with Heart - 8 inch
Recycled Canvas Old Shoe Dog Toy
Recycled Canvas Baseball Glove Dog Toy
Fetch Stick Dog Toy - recycled canvas
Holiday Elf Hat for Dogs with Ears - Large
Massive Fox Dog Toy
Mighty Wooly Mammoth Dog Toy
Mighty Rooster Dog Toy
Junior Mighty Owl Dog Toy
Junior Mighty Cardinal Dog Toy
Junior Mighty Fox Dog Toy
Junior Mighty Koala Dog Toy
Tuffy's Monkey Dog Toy
Tuffy's Armadillo Dog Toy
Tuffy's Stingray Dog Toy
Rugged Rubber Dynamite Dog Toy - Medium
Mighty Racoon Dog Toy
Mighty Owl Dog Toy
Junior Mighty Walrus Dog Toy
Junior Mighty Goat Dog Toy
Mighty Goat Dog Toy
Mighty Fox Dog Toy
Mighty Eagle Dog Toy
Mighty Red Dragon Dog Toy
Tuffy's Jr. Tiger Dog Toy
Junior Mighty Brachiosaurus Toy
Junior Mighty Eagle Dog Toy
Junior Mighty Ladybug Dog Toy
Junior Mighty Spinosaurus Dog Toy
Junior Mighty Cow Dog Toy
Mighty Cow Toy for Dogs
Mighty Beaver Dog Toy
Tuffy's Jr Bowmerang Dog Toy
Tuffy's Jr 3 Way Tug
Alligator Head Treat & Toss Toy
Wubba Weaves Dog Toy - Extra Large
Wubba Weaves Dog Toy - Large
Wubba Weaves Dog Toy - Small
Tuffy's Jr Horse Dog Toy
Howie the Horse Dog Toy
Silly Squeaker iBall Dog Toy - Medium Brown
Silly Squeaker iBall Dog Toy - Medium Pink
Silly Squeaker iBall Dog Toy - Medium Black
iBall Dog Toy 3 Pack - Small Size
Pawschitngo Rubber "Beer" Bottle Dog Toy
Likate Rubber "Beer" Bottle Dog Toy
Killer Bite Rubber "Beer" Bottle Dog Toy
Kennel Relaxin Rubber "Wine" Bottle Dog Toy
Heinie Sniff'n Rubber "Beer" Bottle Dog Toy
Hamster Light Rubber "Beer Bottle" Dog Toy
Deers Bite Rubber "Beer" Bottle Dog Toy
Blue Cats Trippin Rubber "Beer" Bottle Dog Toy
MeowChasedOne Rubber "Champagne" Bottle Dog Toy
Jolly Jumper Glo Ball 3 Inch
Bumble Bee Jolly Tug Dog Toy
Butterfly Jolly Tug Dog Toy
Lady Bug Tug Dog Toy
Sprong Cone & Dome Dog Ball - Small
Kong Bounzer Dog Toy - Extra Large
Kong Bounzer Dog Toy - Large
Kong Bounzer Dog Toy - Medium
Jolly Jumper Orange Dog Ball - 3 inch
Jolly Jumper Orange Dog Ball - 4 inch
Squeezz Dumbell with Rope Dog Toy - Small
Sprong Hex Ball Dog Toy - Large
Mighty Bumble Bee Doy Toy
Mighty Green Dragonfly Dog Toy
Mighty Junior Green Dragonfly Dog Toy
Sprong Hex Ball Dog Toy - Small
Tuffy's Stone Bone Dog Toy
Tuffy's Captain Kurklops Dog Toy
Tuffy's G6 Alien Dog Toy
Classic Kong- King size
Classic Kong - Medium
Classic Kong- Small
Dental Pro-Action Size Small
Kong Tails Large
Kong Xtreme- Large
Kong Xtreme- Medium
Romp and Roll Ball by Horseman's Pride
Tuffy's Tug-O-War
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