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Horse Treats

Your horse has a great spirit and works hard every day to make you proud, so he deserves tasty treats for his good behavior. We know that health is important to all responsible horse owners, so Mary's Tack and Feed's selection of horse treats includes only safe, all-natural products for those who want to buy healthy horse treats that still taste great.
Renew Gold Biscuits combine healthy ingredients like rolled oats, flax seed and apple bits to create tasty treats that your horse and pony will surely get excited for. Though they taste delicious, these treats still provide tons of health benefits and don't contain any phony ingredients that you wouldn't want your horse to consume.
Mary's Tack and Feed also carries horse treats, cookies and snacks from brands like Uncle Jimmy's, Paddock Cakes, Dobbin's Delights, Aunt Bea's and Mrs. Pasture's at everyday low prices to spoil your horse in a healthful way.

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Mrs. Pasture's Horse Cookies - 8 oz bag
Handmade Brew Chews Horse Treats - 8oz bag
Handmade Brew Chew Horse Horse Treats - 16oz bag
Mrs. Pastures Cookies 35 oz
Blond Bits Agave Horse Cookies - 2lb
Blond Bits Agave Horse Treats - 4lb jar
Organic Pumpkin Horse Treats - 32oz Tray
A to Z Original Horse Cookies 2lb
A to Z Original Horse Cookies 4lb
Organic Oat & Molasses Horse Treats - 32oz Tray
Organic Apple & Carrot Horse Treats - 32oz Tray
Organic Peppermint Horse Treats - 32oz Tray
Butterscotch Nuggets Horse Treats - 5lb bag
Renew Gold Bisquits Horse Treats
Paddock Cake Make Your Own Pie Set
Brown Sugar Lumps of LUV Paddies Horse Treats - 2lb jar
Brown Sugar Lumps of LUV Paddies Horse Treats - 4lb jar
S'Mores Horse Treats by Paddock Cakes
Mint Paddies by Paddock Cakes - 2lb jar
Mint Paddies by Paddock Cakes - 4lb jar
Beet Horse Treats by Emerald Valley - 1 lb
Dobbin's Delights Apple & Carrot Horse Treats - 4lb bag
Dobbin's Delights Carrot & Oat Horse Treats - 2.5lb jug
Dobbin's Delights Apple & Oat Treats - 3.5lb jug
Peppermint Pocket Paddies - 2lb jar
Peppermint Pocket Paddies - 4lb jar
Uncle Jimmy's Licky Things Horse Treats
Nicker Makers Horse Treats by Purina 3.5 tub
Corral Cookies Horse Treats - 5lb bag
Beet Horse Treats by Emerald Valley - 4 lbs
Uncle Jimmy's SugarFree Licky Things Treats
Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls - Sugarfree!
Apple Nuggets Horse Treats - 5lb bag
Jolly Stall Snack Ball Combo
Majesty's Omega Wafers
Snack-A-Ball Horse Treat Holder
Saddle Bag fits on belt
Likit Boredom Breaker
Cashel Just Reward Treat Bag
Banana Topped Horse Treats - 2lbs
Banana Topped Horse Treats - 4lbs
Uncle Jimmy's Squeezy Buns Horse Treats - 15 pc
Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls Horse Treats
Carrot & Spice Nuggets Horse Treats - 5lb bag
Flax Snax by Manna Pro
Hoof Snax by Manna Pro
Jolly Stall Snack with Treat
Uncle Jimmy's Squeezy Buns - 65 pcs
Dobbin's Delights Peppermint Horse Treats - 2.5lb jug
Peppermint Nuggets Treats - 5lb bag
Likit Refills
Manna Pro Blasts! Treats
Mrs. Pasture`s Cookies - 15 lb Bucket
Mrs. Pastures Cookies 5lb
Tongue Twister by Likit
Start to Finish Peppermint Horse Snack - 5 lbs
Start to Finish Apple Horse Snacks - 5 lbs
Start to Finish Banana Horse Snacks - 5lbs
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