Forco Equine Supplement 5lb

Item#: forco-equine-supplement
Forco Equine Supplement 5lb
  • Forco Equine Supplement 5lb
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Item # forco-equine-supplement
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Forco Equine Supplement 5lb

Item#: forco-equine-supplement
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Product Description

An unhealthy digestive system is often the cause of many of the most common equine ailments, including colic, diarrhea, founder, compaction and extreme weight loss. Your horse needs to maintain healthy digestion in order to absorb his important vitamins and minerals, and the FORCO Feed Supplement and Digestive Aid from Mary's Tack and Feed can help to do just that.

This all-natural supplement encourages the digestive system to break down hay, grain and other foods and to distribute them into the bloodstream more effectively. FORCO equine supplement contains no fillers and no unnecessary vitamins, minerals or proteins, and it only uses natural ingredients like digestive enzymes and active yeast cultures to promote beneficial bacteria populations in the digestive tract of your horse. Once he has the proper microorganisms and bacteria, you can feel confident that your horse is properly absorbing the natural vitamins and minerals that he gets from his food.

  • 5lb tub.
  • Contains approximately 30 servings for one horse.

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