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Ice Horse Tendon Wraps with Inserts - PAIR
For convenient and thorough cooling of the ligaments, tendons, muscles and connective tissue, the Ice Horse Tendon Wrap stays cold for up to two full hours. With its patented design, it conforms to the...
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Ice Horse Tendon Wraps with Inserts - PAIR

Regardless of the type of horse you have, leg protection and support is probably a top priority. Mary's Tack and Feed carries a vast assortment of horse leg wraps, bandages and boots for all purposes, from shipping to training and treating an injury. We carry top brands like EquiFit, Ice Horse and Davis so that you know your equine partner is receiving the highest quality care, and despite their name brands, we sell them at the lowest prices you'll find online.

When trailering your horse to a show or to the vet, Mary's horse shipping boots are an absolute necessity. These protective leg coverings are made by top brands like Centaur and Terminator and feature durable, sturdy construction that's easy to put on and take off. These boots come in sizes to accommodate most horses and ponies.

Mary's bandages and wraps can be used during training or competition to provide critical support to the leg's most sensitive areas. From polo wraps to standing wraps, you will find them at Mary's at affordable prices. Equitation riders will appreciate our selection of open front and ankle leather equitation boots for horses and ponies.

We also feature specialty boots and wraps to protect your horse's legs from pesky flies during warmer months. Mary's Tack and Feed carries mesh fly boots, fly leg wraps and protective leg guards in sets of two or four to shield your horse from painful and potentially dangerous bites. These fly boots come in sizes for both horse and pony, in various colors.

To keep your horse leg wraps and boots neat and organized, we offer racks and rollers to help you store them in the tack room or trailer. These handy and efficient systems will keep your essential boots and wraps right where you can find them so that you don't miss a beat when it comes to training, trailering or in case of injury.

If you need help choosing horse leg wraps, shipping boots and other protective equine legwear from Mary's Tack and Feed, our knowledgeable customer service team is always on hand.

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