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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my items to ship?
Mary’s loves selling you exactly what you’re looking for, so we always ship your items as quickly as possible- usually within one business day for in-stock items! If you’ll be requesting expedited shipping (one and two day air) be sure to submit your order by 11 a.m. PST so we can ship that same day.

If an item is not in stock, how long does it take for it to arrive?
When you chose your item, right before you clicked “add to cart”, a note appeared just above the price indicating a delivery estimate. You’ll be glad to know that most of our products are on constant reorder, so if it isn’t in stock today, it’s probably already on its way to our store as we speak. Mary’s does order merchandise from all over the world, though, so sometimes it’s hard to say how long any given backordered item will take to arrive here and then make it into a box to your home. But it’s easy to say we want you to have your super awesome stuff (because, of course, everything we sell is super awesome. That’s one of the prerequisites to its being here) so we will definitely keep you posted. Wouldn’t want you running out to your mailbox every day for no reason!

Can I pay with a Mary’s gift card online?
Yes! We’re so fancy! Just enter the 13 digit code from the back during checkout and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll also need to enter credit card or PayPal information but that’s just so we have a backup to charge if there’s any balance on your order after the gift card has been applied. Don’t worry- the gift card is always applied first.

Mary's Consignment Policy
Okay, we’ll admit it- we’re pretty picky about what we carry at our store. Our customers trust us to recommend quality items at the right price no matter the discipline or experience level, so even though we accept used saddles on consignment, we’ve got to take a look at them first to be sure they fit in with our current inventory.

If you’ve got a used saddle you’d like to consign with us, please give us a call first. We’ll ask you for the brand, model, and a few details about the seat size, tree width and flap. If it seems like something that would do well in our store, we’ll make an appointment for you to bring it in to us in person. That’s when we’ll look it over for soundness and confirm that it’s something we’d feel comfortable and safe recommending to another customer.

Not in the area? Emailed images of the saddle will do the trick in that case, but please, give us a call first anyway so we know your photos are on their way. Keep in mind that once it arrives, if it doesn’t fit in with our product mix, we might not be able to consign it for you. But if it does, we will. Win-win!

Here are some consignment tips, conveniently bullet-pointed for those us who don’t like reading paragraphs (who has time for that, really?)

• All of our saddles, new or used, are available for customers to take home on a trial. Don’t worry- people trying used saddles have got to adhere to the same guidelines as customers trying brand new saddles. But, if you don’t want anyone riding in your saddle, you won’t want to consign with us.

• Please, no accessories. Even if your leathers and your girth and that neat little pommel strap (we love those things) are a perfect match for your saddle, only the saddle will be consigned.

• You get paid for your saddle once we get paid:
_____- If you’d like payment in the form of a check, Mary’s takes a 30% commission
_____- If you’d like payment in the form of a Mary’s Gift Card, our commission is just 15%

• If you consign with us, please commit to leaving your saddle a minimum of 30 days. If you simply must have it back before 30 days is up, you’ll pay a fee equal to 10% of the selling price. The thing is, it takes a lot of time to evaluate and photograph and bring your saddle into inventory. To have it go back out the door two days later is, well, not a great way to do business. We knew you’d understand.

• Once your saddle’s been with us for 120 days (about 4 months), if it hasn’t sold, we’ll ask that you come and pick it up. As much as we love saddles (and we really, really do) we have limited space on our sales floor and need to keep our selection fresh.

• Your consigned saddle will be accessible by our in-store customers, our online customers, AND our Ebay customers. Please note – internet and eBay listing is not a guarantee, it is as time permits. We’re in the business of selling and customer service. If we can get your saddle online, we will. Between store, eBay and internet, that is a LOT of customers! Totally worth it, if we do say so ourselves.

• So give us a call at 1.800.551.6279 or email us at email@marystack.com to get the process started!

Where are you located?
Did you know Mary’s has been in this same little corner of Del Mar since 1963? Right on the corner of Via De La Valle and El Camino Real (Spanish for “The Royal Road). If you want to mail us a Christmas card, our street address is listed below:

Mary's Superstore (Map It!)
12,000 Square Feed of horse, pet & rider heaven.
3675 Via De La Valle
Del Mar, Ca 92014
(858) 755.2015 

When are you open?
Our Del Mar Superstore is open: (excluding holidays, which we’ll talk about a little later…)
Monday-Friday (9am - 6pm)
Saturday & Sunday (10am - 5pm)

For more details on Holiday Hours, give this link a clicky clicky.

Are you open 365 days a year?
Most weeks, Mary’s is open 7 days so you’re never more than a quick visit away from the quality gear you need and the delicious goodies your horse loves (don’t forget we have dog and cat supplies too!). Check out our normal store hours here.

We are, however, closed on major holidays like Christmas, Easter, and New Years Day to give our staff some well-earned time off, as well as on the Thursday before our big, huge, glorious, not-to-be-missed annual Tent Sale in February. If you think there’s a chance we might be closed, feel free to give us a call at 858.755.2015 before you stop by.

I bought something from your website. Can I return it to your store?
Sure! If you’re in town for a visit or a show, you can definitely return a product to our store that you bought from our site. If you order something from somewhere else, on the other hand, like Best Buy for example, you can’t return it here. Unless it’s a flat panel TV. And it’s right before the Superbowl. And you’re giving it to us as a gift. Then that would be great. Check out the details here.

Why am I put on hold sometimes when I call in?
You are a priority. Really! But sometimes when there is a big horse show next door, we just don’t have enough hands to get to every call right away. We will get to you ASAP or give you a call back if you’d rather leave a message.

How do I choose the right…?
…blanket or sheet: check out our how-to and sizing guide here

…helmet: watch our super informative helmet fitting video here

…bit: try our fantastic and innovative Bit Rental Program! (see below)

Mary's is pleased to offer our Bit Rental Program to take any uncertainty out of your English or Western bit purchase. Currently, this program is not available online so please call Mary's at 800.551.6279 to arrange your rental.

Here is how Mary's Bit Rental Program works…
Pay for the bit, plus an additional $10 Rental Fee (non-refundable). When you receive the bit, try it on your horse for up to one week [7 days]. If the bit works well for your horse, you do nothing. Happy riding!

• If this isn't the bit for your horse, simply call for a Return Authorization within 7 days of receipt of the bit, clean the bit, and return the bit for a full refund of your purchase price.

The Fine Print:
_____- After 7 days, your bit purchase is final and non-refundable.
_____- The Rental Fee is non-refundable.
_____- Though we rarely have these problems, Mary's reserves the right to refuse the return of any rental bit ______that is dirty or not in working condition, as determined by Mary's management.
_____- Not all bits are eligible for the Bit Rental program. Please call 800.551.6279.
____ - Mary's follows a strict bit sanitizing protocol on all returned bits with your horse's health in mind.

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