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Want to make some extra money for your club or horse show?
Let your website do the work.

Add value to your website and earn commissions by joining the Mary’s Tack & Feed Affiliate Program.
Here are three key reasons to join:

1. Name recognition: Associate yourself with one of the largest tack stores in nation!
__We continue to grow our site and increase the traffic to MarysTack.com.

2. Membership is FREE!

3. Earn commissions: The more your visitors buy, the more money you can earn. Earn
__3% commission from qualifying sales when you refer customers to MarysTack.com.


Here is how it works:

- SIGN UP for our program and we will establish a trackable link. You will use this link
_to direct shoppers to our store. Mary's _reserves the right to evaluate applicants for our affiliate
_program and if we feel it is not within our industry we will not choose to form an affiliate partnership.

- We will create a second link that allows you to track visits and sales through the link that you
_display. You earn a 3% _commission on qualifying purchases. This will be paid in the form of a
_Mary's gift card each quarter (unless under $10).

- Mary's will re-evaluate affiliates every 12 months to determine if the partnership will continue


Apply Today. (It’s free!)
Email us at partners@marystack.com and we will start the process.

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