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Action Fly Sheet by Eous

Item#: action-fly-sheet-by-eous
Action Fly Sheet by Eous
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  • Action Fly Sheet by Eous
  • Action Fly Sheet by Eous
  • Action Fly Sheet by Eous
  • Action Fly Sheet by Eous
  • Action Fly Sheet by Eous
  • Action Fly Sheet by Eous
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Item # action-fly-sheet-by-eous
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Action Fly Sheet by Eous

Item#: action-fly-sheet-by-eous
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Product Description

When our Mary's buyers saw this Action fly sheet by Eous at a recent show it just had to come here & be a part of the Mary's Tack & Feed fly season arsenal. The design is creative & fits a niche of horse body types neglected in the cookie-cutter fly sheet world; namely the horse with big shoulders and chests or those no matter what you put on them get shoulder/chest rub marks..

The most outstanding feature is the contour of the sheet at the shoulder and along the body. Rather than shoulder gussets for more room at the shoulders and chest Eous Action sheet is arched - coming out of a soft, Cool-Dry lined bib at the chest, the garment curves up and flows over the shoulder eliminating the age old broken-hairs-on-the-coat problem. Double chest straps at front are secured even more with a nice strip of Velcro - this will keep the front closed & chest straps from digging into the coat. Fleece at the withers to protect that sensitive area and attachments for a hood (sold separately) on the neck.

Made of soft, very flexible mesh that is durable for the "easy on his clothes" horse. The Action sheet provides some UV protection keeping your horse cooler & protecting the coat from fading. The belly flap (not removable) is adjustable from one side and secured with Velcro strips to aid in keeping nasty flies from biting a sensitive area! Adjustable double surcingle belly straps with stainless steel hardware. Note in photos Eous does not criss-cross the belly straps. Fully elastic adjustable leg straps included. Hardware on both ends of leg straps for easy removle on laundry day.

For more information on blanket fitting and sizing, see the Mary's Tack & Feed Blanket Guide with tips on how to measure your horse for a sheet or blanket.

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